This is for players and other interested parties alike. It is also my first attempt at something like this, so bear with me. This page will detail some very basic information about the game system and the campaign itself, the system this game uses is not on Obsidian Portal(hereafter known as OP by me) to the best of my knowledge nor is it an officially released game. Anyway…

The New Heroes of Aeolus is a campaign for a Final Fantasy RPG, not an officially licensed product. It was done by fans of the video games and fans of pen and paper RPGs. Many of the names of places in this campaign are from my favorite Final Fantasy game. Few, if any, of the characters and places are of my own creation, they were the creation of the wonderful gents at SquareEnix, at least I think thats what they are called now, and taken straight form the game, Final Fantasy VI.

Now I hope that keeps me from getting sued by those guys. The game system can be found online, I will not post the site here because I am unaware of rules pertaining to such things on OP. It is not hard to find either, I used Google to find it myself. But again I’m getting off topic.

The campaign takes places about 30 years after the events in the video game, play it if you haven’t yet. This especially goes for any interested players. The events in the game are the basis of the history for the campaign. I will go over some general events from before, during and after the video game here.

Final Fantasy VI’s story revolved around a young woman, Terra, and Magical beings called Espers. Espers that died would become something called magicite. Magicite was used to learn magic. It was learned just before the events of the game that magicite could be infused with people to learn magic more efficiently than the other means that had been used up to that time. This drove the two men to hunt for the Espers and their world. These men were Emperor Gestahl and Kefka, Gestahl’s right hand.

Both were infused with magic, Kefka had some issues in the process however and would slowly become insane. They infused some of their best Generals as well. The two invaded Esperworld, home of the Espers, and captured many. Gestahl is killed by Kefka who has access to three statues, which are actually goddesses who creates Espers and magic. More about the goddesses can be found in the game and other places on the web.

The Goddesses had encased each other in stone as a means to stop a terrible war that they had started. The Espers were protecting them for many reasons. The biggest was the fact that if they were moved out of their respective positions terrible things would occur. Of course Kefka had possession of them and was insane at this point, he ruined the world as it was known and left many wondering if they could survive.

The game continues on and eventually leads to the destruction of the statues and Kefka. The problem is that if the statues are destroyed then magic will disappear. The magicite shattered leaving the world without magic, or so people thought. Over the years many attempts had been made to reconnect to Espers that still lived in Esperworld. Someone succeeded. The was great celebration.

At first the Espers stayed out of the affairs of the people of Aeolus. The elder had decided this for the safety of both worlds and both peoples. However, some of the younger Espers saw an opportunity and reached out to people in Aeolus and lent them their powers. They wanted to control Aeolus and its people, they felt it was their right as technical descendants of the Three Goddesses. The elders were furious but decided to lend their powers to specially chosen people who sought to do good and counter the actions of the younger Espers. This is right about where the New Heroes of Aeolus will begin.

The players are members of the Realm of New Doma Army. They have been sent to the Figaro Kingdom for espionage and other activities. Their choices may have great impact on Aeolus.

The New Heroes of Aeolus